Ahtoon eskaloon LP

by ( sic! )

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released January 1, 2001

We are very proud of this release !!!

When we visited Texas in january 1999 we recorded some basic tracks at the Uncle Buzz studio in San Antonio with the Crevice members Bryan Stanchack, James Sidlo and Jeff DeCuir and our very special friend and non-musician Cornelius Hors/tmann.
Crevice then made pre mixes of the tracks for us and we added some stuff later here in Frankfurt during the year 2000.
And the Get Happy!! label finally released it as BIG 05 on vinyl.

What does "Ahtoon eskaloon" mean ? Well, when a drunken American tries to speak german and he wants to pronounce "Achtung Eskalation" ( german for : attention escalation ).

And we always wanted to collaborated under the moniker of ( sic! ), and this collaboration fits perfectly, thank you Crevice.

Broken Face wrote :
( sic! ) is a multi-national collaboration between two of the finest contemporary practioners of intergalactic kraut / psych exploration. We see Germa duo s/t teaming up with Texas' spaceheads Crevice for a seamlessly shifting krautrock explosion of unequalling frenzy and brain-bending tracks.

"Der Gesang der Atome" starts things brilliantly, beginning with an alien low-key drone with dogs barking in the distance, before amping up into the rumbling art rock jamming of "Ahtoon eskaloon ( including C2H5OH )". It's an absolutely wonderful looping piece of music, a mesh of supersonic guitars, trebly echoing keyboards, rumbling saxophone and monotonous percussion. The fact that it holds some strange sort of spiraling intensity with the staggering adept saxophone against the noisy squalls of echo and feedback only gives me more respect for their chosen track. In the last section it calms down and disappers with some odd dialogue snippets over soft layers of keyboards. "Airbag in my head" ends the first side and offers a somewhat altered brain chemistry as sirens, horns and highly enjoyable washes of sweat-inducing guitar attacks create a jaw-droppingly bizarre mix of sound.

The b-side kicks off with a dark folk chant that naturally leads to the full-on monster groove of "Automo.tif". It's a constantly evolving myriad of sounds that at times float parallel to one another and in the next unite in a full-throttle voyage through a wall of fuzz. The epic finale continous even further out into cosmic territories, occasionally incorporating German spoken word among the atmospheric yet intense textur, which certainly adds something to the general oddness.

( sic! ) is heavenly influenced by the early krautrock movement but as with contemporary rock icons like Japanese Boredoms and the Acid Mother Tempel, they share their own unique mantras of phased guitars, electronics and odd sounds.

This highly recommended Lp can be yours from Get Happy!! Records.



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s/t Frankfurt, Germany

Congratulations for finding this page : the wonderful little world of s/t. We think it's a brilliant name for a band but impossible to google ( try bandcamp search ). Horse Badorties and Mr. Miller are the members of s/t and they have released a lot of stuff over the years, and most of these releases you will find here in the near future ... when you come back ... hopefully. And now enjoy! ... more

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