Catatonic airkraut 10"

by s/t

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Our first album released as LSD 001 on "Lone starfighter records" in the USA.

Grohinga Well wrote :
German psychedelic / progressive rock ( or Krautrock as we prefer to call it ) is on the rise again. Indications for this improved situation are coming from unlikely places : Lone Starfighter Records is a new label from ... San Antonio, Texas ( U.S.A.) !
How this label ever got in contact with the german duo of s/t ( Mr. Miller and Horse Badorties ) is a mystery to me, but their first mini LP
( five tracks / 31 minutes ) is a fact.
"Catatonic Airkraut" came out as a see-through ultramarine blue 10", tucked away in an artful gimix sleeve. s/t is clearly very much influenced by the early seventies German psychedelics because the five tracks on this nice blue platter all bear the mark of that period. "Airkraut" is over ten minutes long and features Hawhwindish space drive combined with the weirder moments of an early Amon Düül II, fantastic brainsplitting mayhem.
"Erzengels Donnervogel" ( the title is a straight translation of Amon Düül II's "Archangel Thunderbird" from "Yeti ) is a very spooky song on phased, echoing keyboards and very stoned, recited German lyrics.
The B side starts with "Now", a very tripped-out ballad with dramatic
( English ) vocals, moody piano and weird background noises. "Wieners" is a more psychy folk track with dreamy vocals and some spare keyboard support.
"Clustermonia" is an instrumental that brings back memories of early Krafwerk / Popol Vuh / Cluster albums. Echoing keyboards dominate thie excellent dreamaway into the cosmos experience.
This is obviously an underground debut release made with very little money and equipment, but stoned ides always shine through !
A strange but very recommanded debut, destined to become a collector's item, since only 500 numbered copes were made of this cleverly packaged psychedelic pearl.


released September 1, 1994



all rights reserved


s/t Frankfurt, Germany

Congratulations for finding this page : the wonderful little world of s/t. We think it's a brilliant name for a band but impossible to google ( try bandcamp search ). Horse Badorties and Mr. Miller are the members of s/t and they have released a lot of stuff over the years, and most of these releases you will find here in the near future ... when you come back ... hopefully. And now enjoy! ... more

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