Neun Demonstrationsstücke

by s/t

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This album was never before released. It contains the original demo versions of all the songs that ended up as the "self titled" record on the Klangbad label ( the correct title of that album is : "The name of the band is s/t and this record has no title but if you want you can call it self titled which is also the name of the band" ).

The finished album sounds much better than these demos, because it was later recorded and produced by Hans-Joachim Irmler ( of Faust fame ) at his old studio in Dürmentingen. We only can recommend that you should buy it in its finished form ! But : If you like these demos and you download them all as a whole album you'll get as a bonus a soundboard recording of a complete gig we played at the Nachtleben in Frankfurt, may 16th 2004, around the time the album was finally released.

The Waschzettel for the "s/t : self titled" CD says :

I know you've heard it time and again, but yes, it's true : This band is an original band and this record is, too. Now when you've overcome the first fit of yawning and have nevertheless decided to give this record a go in your player ( which we sincerely hope you do ) and listen to the first bars of music you might come to the conclusion : "He's lying ! I've heard it all before". Because as any critic, your association-machine involuntary turns itself on at full throttle and you'll probably immediately come up with tags like "70s psychedelic rock" and a plethoria of names from that era. And of course you're right. And of course you're not.

s/t are a duo from Frankfurt am Main ( Germany's very own boomtown ... ??? ... the band ) and have been leading an obscured experience since 1993. They certainly have lapped up every twist that pop music took during the last ten years. But it did not make a lasting impression on them.

Mr. Miller ( git / voc ) and Horse Badorties ( keyboards ) seems to have developed a musical independence and immunity of a special kind. They play hypnotic rock, a music, that lays bare its influences, yet it sounds like coming from another planet. This album is a trip through mountain ranges of guitars, ambient collages of sounds and lyrics and entrancing riffloops. Real psychedelic monsters with pounding drums and echo-drenched guitars bordering on post-industrial. Calm, tranquil and almost tender tracks invite the listener to immerse oneself in the solace of their pulse. The overall principle in the music is minimalism, which is at times orchestrated with big noises, while at other times, it comes sneaking up with only the softest sounds.

As far as rhythm is concerned, everything that wasn't nailed down can supply the rhythm in s/ts music : The beats of their often-used organ, the croaking of frogs, even "real" drum-samples – whatever you can think of, they will use it.

s/t have fondness for bizarre, introverted german-english lyrics, contrast and contradiction are part in their programme. Mr. Miller proves to be an extremely versatile singer. At times he declaims demonically and then again he murmurs and breathes that you get the feeling he's whispering right into your ear. Horse Badorties on the other hand provides the basic ( and often simple ) riffs that form the basic on which Millers' lyrics and guitar can sprawl and writhe.

If you ever get the chance to see these two live ( which you should grab wth both hands, since I have not yet met a person who was not unimpressed by their performance, whispering with intimidation some things like : I've never seen anything in my life LIKE THAT" ), you will find that although Badorties' contribution seems reduced to providing bass lines, he will break into sweat which shows that he is a man at work putting all his energy into these few notes. Mesmerizing, really.

s/t have produced a timeless album. Their long maturing process is clearly audible in the music. Producer in resistance and label-co-owner Hans-Joachim Irmler has skilled the essence of the individual tracks and gave them his unmistakable stamp.

The last word : The late great Aldous Huxley, whose writing influenced a great portion of rock music published a book in 1944 which he titled "Time Must Have A Stop". Which could an alternate title for the music on ths album. For here, it has.


released March 12, 2003



all rights reserved


s/t Frankfurt, Germany

Congratulations for finding this page : the wonderful little world of s/t. We think it's a brilliant name for a band but impossible to google ( try bandcamp search ). Horse Badorties and Mr. Miller are the members of s/t and they have released a lot of stuff over the years, and most of these releases you will find here in the near future ... when you come back ... hopefully. And now enjoy! ... more

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